Who the hell is this guy?

I’m hopelessly hooked on the thrill and danger of the unknown. It is that familiar, narcotic tingle of adventure that constantly pushes me to travel, live and work in some of the most forbidding and dangerous places on this planet.

Honestly? I will be very surprised if I don’t get shot, kidnapped, blown up or stricken with some horrific fatal tropical disease before I make it to forty. It’s probably going to happen – I’ll likely die in some foreign country far away from home. But you know what? I’m cool with that.

Luckily for you guys, I plan on documenting all the best parts right here on this site. Until my luck runs out, this website is here to show you glimpses of the road through stories and photos, and to provide fellow adventurers with tips and tricks for extreme travel in the twenty-first century.

Welcome to Twenty-First Century Adventurer

P1050923 P1050497P1050461


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