Escape from the desert

Once again, this blog has been abandoned in some lonely corner of the internet for over a year. I do apologise to any readers who may have once thought that this would be a regularly updated site. I wrote one article back in January 2016, then disappeared into Africa and haven’t written since.

Well, I’m still alive and in one piece. A hell of a lot has happened since that previous post. I have a huge backlog of stories that I will be posting on here over the course of the next few months, once I am safely out of the country.

These include;

  • Tackling, subduing and handcuffing a crazy guy on a plane, mid-flight.
  • Falling into an open sewer in Ethiopia, and still managing to pull a smoking hot girl.
  • Getting high and trekking through the jungle to find a shaman in India.
  • Diving with sharks in the Red Sea and Mozambique Channel.
  • Exploring the wreck of the SS Thistlegorm in Egypt.
  • Living in a wooden hut on a jungle island off the coast of Madagascar for several months, without running water or electricity.
  • Freediving with dolphins, giant turtles and a manta ray.
  • Travelling to the ruins and tombs of the ‘cursed city’ of Mada’in Saleh in the Saudi Arabian desert.

In August 2015, I went directly from the sexy, bikini-clad Brazilian women of Copacabana beach to the black abayas of the sexually-repressed Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It was one hell of a culture shock. I have since spent the last two years surviving this place, trying to maintain my health and sanity intact. I leave the country in two weeks’ time.

I cannot be leaving soon enough. The entire region has become incredibly unstable and could collapse at any time. The oil is running out. The Kingdom’s reserves are being depleted at an alarming rate. Fresh water is running out. Its infrastructure is failing. Youth unemployment is skyrocketing. Two-thirds of the Saudi population are under thirty years old. I do not want to be here when the Kingdom crumbles.

A lot has changed in the past two years. I have changed, and the world has changed even more so. When I leave this place and hit the road again, my life will be heading in a different direction, as will this site.

Stay tuned.


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